About Us

Hi Everyone 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to visit Viperfightgear.co.uk.

As a company, VIPER FIGHT GEAR is fully aware of the need for comfort, high quality products that are affordable.

My husband has over 40 years of experience, in and around the martial arts world. My children are keen martial artists and fighters, who train in multiple styles. They help to make sure we choose the right products, as between them and my husband, they test these products in training and at competitions.

VIPER FIGHT GEAR will be offering top quality products at great prices direct from Thailand, it will also offer products from here in the UK.

1 – VIPER FIGHT GEAR is the only OFFICIAL UK retailer of YAKTHAI products. YAKTHAI use the finest cowhide leather. Their manufacturing and quality are simply outstanding. YAKTHAI’s owner is a former worker of another established worldwide company. YAKTHAI is a well-known brand in Thailand and the USA.

2 - TWINS are another fantastic company who offer superior design and craftsmanship along with high standard of materials in production. TWINS have been skilfully producing products in Thailand for over 60 years.

3 - RDX are a UK based company established in 1999. RDX manufacture combat sport and fitness equipment offering high quality products at affordable prices.

I pride myself on good customer service, providing great quality products at reasonable prices.

VIPER FIGHT GEAR established, 2018.